Leaders of successful companies must have more than just a valuable product or service; they must possess a vision for the future, the talent to build a powerful team, and the ability to gain the confidence of the marketplace and the investment community. To truly excel in all of these roles, entrepreneurs often decide to tap into the experience and skills of those who have succeeded before them. That’s why, at Firelight Partners, we specialize in providing financial and operations management resources to help guide companies during crucial phases of their growth.

The following is a partial list of the CFO services provided by the Firelight Partners team:

  • Business Plan Development

  • Financial Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Financial and Operational Reporting and Review

  • Key Performance Indicators (Scorecards and Metrics)

  • Accounting Best Practices

  • Capital Structure and Fundraising

  • Investor Relations

  • Risk Management

  • Rightsizing Analysis and Implementation

The following is a partial list of the COO services provided by the Firelight Partners team:

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Re-engineering, Optimization and Implementation of Best Practices

  • Quality Control

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Service and Call Center Management

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Performance Improvement

  • Contract Management

  • Manufacturing and Manufacturing Outsourcing

Our highly skilled and seasoned team of professionals is an excellent temporary solution for your critical business situation. We first help you define what you need accomplished and in what period of time. We then structure our engagement based on how much or how little of our team's expertise you need. There are three typical types of engagements:

  • Temporary/Part Time - A typical temporary assignment lasts between 4-6 months and could be 5 days per week whereas a part time role could last for up to a year or more, typically 1-2 days per week

  • Interim Executive - An executive is brought in to fill a gap between the departure of one key executive and the start date of the new executive. This maintains business momentum while the company searches for a replacement, which is often 3-9 months.

  • Consulting/Project - A professional is brought in for a specific task. The task is typically completed within a shorter time frame. This is a great option to execute a specific project or fill an expertise gap.

The team of results-oriented professionals at Firelight Partners is ready to help you.  Contact us now!