Studies about the evolution of business confirm that few companies grow in a straight line. At multiple points in time, almost every company experiences slow downs in growth. Revenue plateaus and the strategies that the company has been executing no longer work. The way to break through this “ceiling” is to create a new innovative blueprint to accelerate growth. Firelight Partners’ Growth Acceleration Workshop helps companies assess and understand both their position in the market and their current operations, create several alternative scenarios for accelerating growth, and then produce an implementation plan for the selected scenario.

Phase I: Growth Assessment

The first phase in the Growth Acceleration Workshop is an assessment and review of the company’s current business activities and the market in which the company operates. Questions about obstacles to growth and the company’s preparedness for growth will be asked. Firelight Partners will analyze the company’s market, key customers and suppliers, competition, products and services, sales and marketing programs, strategic partnerships, operations, human capital, and finances. The purpose of this assessment is to identify the challenges that are preventing or limiting growth.

Deliverable:      Assessments of the Market, Customers, Competition, Products and Services, Sales and Marketing Programs, Strategic Partnerships, Operations, Human Capital, and Finances

Phase II: Growth Acceleration Strategy

In the Growth Acceleration Strategy phase, Firelight Partners will create several alternative growth scenarios with high-level assumptions about how the scenarios could be implemented. The next step comprises an intensive one-day workshop with the management team of the company. The structured environment of the workshop will enable the participants to focus on understanding the scenarios, debating the alternatives, and selecting a preferred scenario to implement. The discussion of each scenario will include areas where growth can occur, actions that must be taken in order to accelerate positive momentum, and overcoming barriers that could prevent implementation.

Deliverable:      Selected Growth Acceleration Scenario

Phase III: Growth Acceleration Plan

During the Growth Acceleration Plan phase, Firelight Partners will create an actionable, execution-focused blueprint for implementing the selected growth scenario. The growth scenario addresses the “what” and “why” of the new growth strategy while the growth acceleration plan addresses the “who”, “where”, “when”, and “how”. Companies can gain competitive advantage through implementation of the growth acceleration plan if done effectively.

Deliverable:      Growth Acceleration Plan of action to accelerate growth

By the end of the Growth Acceleration Workshop, participants will have:

  • A clear understanding of how their company’s position in the market and current operations are preventing or limiting growth
  • A Growth Acceleration Scenario that provides a strategy for future growth
  • A Growth Acceleration Plan that provides a clear plan for implementing the scenario
  • The confidence and motivation to move forward  

Post-Workshop Implementation

After the Growth Acceleration Workshop has been completed, there will be considerable momentum resulting from the identification of growth opportunities and the creation of an implementation plan. However, the day-to-day challenges of implementation can bring that momentum to a grinding halt. When daily operational issues interfere with management's focus on implementing the growth strategy, the impetus to make meaningful, lasting changes can be lost. To help execute the Growth Acceleration Scenario, the advisors at Firelight Partners are available to help. We are experienced growth company executives and can leverage that experience to work side by side as part of your management team.

We invite you to contact us to discuss how the Growth Acceleration Workshop can help you!